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AC/DC Rock or Bust Video Shoot - London 4 October 2014 REPORT Part 1

Report from London Part 1 by AC/DC Abruzzo

The fans waiting for the buses in Victoria

We're just back from memorable video shoot of AC/DC at the Black Island Studios of London. What a fantastic day! We saw the boys in great shape, especially Brian who seems to be really ready for the tour (HAPPY BIRTHDAY BTW!). We loved the new song "Rock or Bust". It reminded us of Black Ice album combined with some old school AC/DC sound.

Matteo, Cristian and Matthew

The audience was made up of approximately 400 people, who got to the studios on 8 buses. The first bus left around 1pm and the last around 2.30. All the band was there except Phil Rudd, who apparently had to fly back home in the morning due to some family problem. A cool drummer named Bob Richards stepped in to replace Phil. Nice bloke. From what we heard the whole band was there the previous day for the filming of the Play Ball video (all on green screen).

Entering the studios
As we mentioned in our previous post the stage was circular and the audience was standing around it on 5 different levels. We had the impression that more people were expected as the director's assistant kept telling to "shuffle" and fill empty spaces as much as possible.

There were 6 different takes (5 takes with all the members and 1 with the audience only plus Cliff, Stevie and Bob on stage).

Inside the studios

As we said, Brian was really on fire. Angus was wearing a green uniform and a brown hat. He did his duckwalk and all his moves. Cliff seemed he was having a good time on stage. Stevie, you can say he's been working hard to become an active part of the band.

After the the six takes the audience went back to the entrance where free food was handed over. Angus came out of his black van a few minutes after, before leaving the venue and, patiently, met most of the fans and signed autographs. Hat's off to Angus and to his respect for fans...

It was also great to see all the familiar faces from the Black Ice Tour. Some crazy fans came all the way from Canada (Carole and Matthew) or Argentina (Cristian). We met the Scottish fans from the Bon era, Nonno Alan, Uncle Michel, the French duo JP and Dirtyshoes, the Germans and many more... The farawell drink was at The Shakespeare pub.

Stay tuned for more exclusive material from the London video shoot.

Malcolm Young - AC/DC

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