Thursday, December 11, 2014


Matteo Abruzzo and Angus with AC/DC Fantography

If you are a reader of the AC/DC Abruzzo blog you know that we managed to meet Angus many times in the last few years. And for each time we have special and unique memories, which we tried to describe in our blog posts. 

Well, we had the privilege to meet Angus again during the Rock or Bust promotional tour in London. And this time we spent about 20 minutes with Angus, namely the time for two cigarettes and a long chat about a variety of topics... From the London Hammersmith 2003 show to the Abruzzo 2009 earthquake. And of course we talked about the new Rock or Bust album and next tour.

We also managed to finally show the second photobook published by AC/DC Abruzzo on the Black Ice Tour (with German fan Stonebreaker): AC/DC FANTOGRAPHY "From Hammersmith to Bilbao 2003-2010".

Angus' cigarette

Matteo Abruzzo: Hey Angus! Thank you very much. We missed you a lot in the last years. It means a lot to us that you came back with an album. It must have been tough without Malcolm but we fans really appreciate it...

Angus: Thank you!

Matteo Abruzzo: Last time we met with you was here in London in 2011, for the launch of the Live at River Plate DVD.

Angus: Yes, I remember... 

Matteo Abruzzo: But the last time we had a cigarette together was in Australia... In Sydney...

Angus: Mhm ... (Angus thinks...) Not in Perth? Outside the hotel...

Matteo Abruzzo: Oh yes, it was in Perth! Wow! You remember better than us. But now I moved to Dubai.

Angus: Dubai?!? (puzzled Angus)

Matteo Abruzzo: Yes, Angus. I need to make the money to afford the next tour especially now that the situation is so bad in Italy.

Angus: I remember you are from Abruzzo. How is it going there? I remember there was an earthquake some time ago. Did they fix everything?

Matteo Abruzzo: Well, not really. It was a catastrophe for the area. They are rebuilding it slowly. Of course there were some corruption and some mafias involved, as usual... 

Angus: Mafias? (Angus giggles)

Matteo Abruzzo: Typical of Italy... But in the end both of us don't live there anymore. I live in Dubai and Stefano lives here. He works in that restaurant over there.

Angus: Oh really? (interested Angus). You work as a chef?

Stefano D'Abruzzo: No... I work with wines...

Angus: You work with wines? ... Like you are a somm... A wine taster!

Stefano D'Abruzzo: A sommelier...

Angus: yes yes... I can't never pronounce it correctly... a wine taster... They pay you to drink expensive wine (Angus laughs)

Everybody laughs - First cigarette almost finished

Matteo Abruzzo: Hey Angus, can we show you our second book about the Black Ice tour. We did over 85 shows, we travelled all over the world and we told the story in a book...

SHOWING THE BOOK TO ANGUS - Second cigarette is lighted

Showing the Hammersmith 2003 photos to Angus
Rock and Roll selfie

Angus: Oh there is a section on Hammersmith show... I remember that one...

Matteo Abruzzo: Yes, that was an incredible show...

Matteo Abruzzo: We are looking forward to the next tour. According to some rumours it will start in March.

Angus: March?!? That's a bit too early. We need more time to plan and organize everything... No, not March...

Matteo Abruzzo: Will it be a long tour like Black Ice? Brian said it will be only 40 shows, or so...

Angus: He said that? Well it all depends on how strong is the album etc. Then Brian also won't be able to do a long tour like Black Ice... I have my guitar, but with his voice is different...

Matteo Abruzzo: Yes, he told us several time during the Black Ice tour that it will be tough for him. But we are glad that you came back. By the way you are in a fantastic shape Angus!

Angus: Me, I wish... (Angus giggling)

Matteo Abruzzo: Will you start in May?

Angus: Well, it all depends. But we'll be on tour soon. For all the fans... 

Matteo Abruzzo: Thank you Angus, always a honor!

Last cigarette of the legendary Australian tour with Angus in Perth, February 2010


The following cities in Germany seem to be confirmed: 

Munich, Hockenheim, Cologne, Gelsenkirchen, Hannover and Berlin.

Paris, Wien, Italy, Spain and some cities in the UK and Northern Europe should follow. This at least for the European leg this summer. We still believe it will be a much shorter tour than the Black Ice one. Still no news about the new drummer.


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  3. I also had photos and autographs with acdc on the stiff upper lip and black ice tours here in Perth Australia.